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Terms and conditions
This here terms and conditions cover all our services that are provided directly or indirectly (through distributers) over the internet, via e-mail or telephone, though they might be subject to change from time to time. By entering our website, browsing our site or using our site and/or making a reservation, you approve and agree that you read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions below (including the nondisclosure agreement).
These pages, the content and infrastructure of these pages and the hotel reservations services provided on these pages and through this website are in the property of ("", "us", "we" or "our) and are operated and provided by and are presented for your personal, non-commercial use according to the terms and conditions provided below.

1. Scope of our Service
As and its subsidiary (distribution) partners, we provide a medium where the hotels (and all kinds of temporary accommodation type) can announce their rooms for reservation and our website visitors can make similar reservations. By making a reservation through, you will have engaged in a direct (legally binding) agreement relationship with the hotel you made a reservation in. Starting from the moment you make your reservation, we will act with a capacity of middleman between you and the hotel by communicating the details of your reservation to the related hotel and sending you a confirmation e-mail on behalf of the hotel.
The information we announce while performing our services are based on the information provided to us by the hotel. Actually by providing access to an external network, it is ensured that the hotels are solely responsible for updating all prices, quotas and other information displayed on our website. Even though we display due diligence while performing our services, as we cannot investigate and undertake the completeness and correctness of all the information (including obvious faults and typos) it is not possible that we can be held responsible for any error; any interruption (that is caused by possible (temporary and/or partial) malfunction, repair, improvement or maintenance works or others on out website); faulty, misleading or unreal information or not conveying of information. All hotels are always responsible of the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the information displayed on our website. Our website does not advise or confirm the quality, service level or points of any hotel or facility present in the website, and should not be evaluated as such.
Our services are only open to personal and non-commercial use. Thus it is forbidden to resell the content or information, software, product and services provided in our website for commercial or competitive activity or purposes, refer to with deep connection, use, copy, track (i.e. spider, scrapping) view, download or duplicate.

2. Confidentiality applies high ethical standards and respects your privacy. We do not disclose your disclosure and name, e-mail address and credit card information and personal information that are required to complete your reservation made as legal requirement on the limit of related authorization to third parties without your consent.

3. Free service
Our service is free. Unlike many other agents, we will not charge you for our services and we will not add additional fees to room price (for reservation).

4. Credit card
Please note that your credit card might be subjected to pre-provision and collection (sometimes without the option of refund) regarding certain price and deals. Please check your room information deeply before making your reservation and identify whether there are similar conditions.
In case of credit card fraud or your credit card being used by third parties without your consent most banks and credit card companies undertake the risk and compensate the damages caused by fraud or misconduct, this undertaking can sometimes be subject to an exemption (generally on 50 euro (or its equivalent of your local currency) level). In case that your credit card company or bank charges you the amount due to the unauthorized transactions caused by a reservation you made on our website, a payment of up to 50 Euros (or equivalent in your local currency) will be made to you by us. To be able to compensate your loss, make sure you inform the fraud to your credit card provider (in accordance with the reporting rules and procedures of the related institution) and contact us immediately. Add the phrase 'credit card fraud' to the subject of your e-mail and communicate us your proof regarding the exemption amount collected (for example, credit card company conditions). This compensation is valid for the reservations made through when your credit card is used without permission due to an error that is not yours.

5. Cancellation
By making a reservation in a hotel, you agree and confirm that you are subject to the additional terms and conditions (regarding provision) that can the related hotel may apply to your reservation during your stay including the service and/or goods the hotel provides and the conditions applied in cases of not using the reservation and cancellation (you can learn the information regarding provision of the hotels from us). The general conditions the hotels apply in case of cancellation and not using reservation are provided in the Reservation Agreement sent via e-mail for confirmation. Please note that certain price and special deals do not allow cancellation or change. Please identify whether there are such conditions by checking the room details before making your reservation or talk to our Customer Representative.
Please consider that the hotel may charge you a penal fee for your cancellation as per its cancellation and not using reservation conditions. We advise that you read the hotel cancellation and not using reservation conditions carefully before making your reservation.

6. Other communication ways
If you complete your reservation, you accept to receive the e-mail that we may send a short time before you arrive at the hotel to inform you about the place you will go, your reservation and some information and deals about the place you will go (including the deals offered by third parties to the extent you personally accepted through choice). Unless you declare an agreement otherwise, we will not send any notification, e-mail or correspondence (wanted or unwanted) except for e-mails you have actively chosen to receive and the correspondences started by us or the hotel regarding the reservation, e-mails regarding change or cancellation of the related reservation including the confirmation of your reservation, the reminder e-mails when the reservation is not completed.

7. Ordering and Guest Evaluations
The guest evaluation you complete can be loaded to the information page of the related hotel on our website solely to share your view on hotel's service (level) and quality with other (potential) customers and can be used and placed on the social media platforms, bulletins, special promotions, applications, other channels or website that owns, offers, uses or controls (completely or partially) by the discretion of We reserve our right to order, reject or delete evaluations solely by our own discretion. Guest evaluation form must be seen as a survey and does not contain (primarily commercial) deals, invitations or incentives.

8. Disclaimer
Being subject to the limitations pointed out in this here terms and conditions disclosure, and to the extent that the laws allow, we will be responsible of compensation of a total amount equal to your total reservation amount as pointed out in the e-mail correspondence sent for confirmation (whether one or a sequence f events) for the losses that you suffer, meet or are subjected to due to our not being able to completely perform our obligations regarding our services.
But neither us, nor our responsibilities , managers, employees, representatives, affiliate companies, subsidiaries, distributers, subsidiary (distribution) partners, license holders, any of our agencies that are acting to create the content of the website, support it, announce it or provide it for use in any other way cannot be held responsible for any (legal) actions, errors, violations, (heavy) negligence, deliberate misconducts, faults, failure to perform, wrong declarations, unrightful treatment or all kinds of (personal) injury, death, material loss due to absolute liability or damages, losses or costs that you suffer, are subjected to or meet (directly, indirectly, exclusively, or punitively) that can be attributed to the hotel (wholly or partially) (its employees, managers, personnel, agencies, representatives or subsidiaries) including a) any penal, exclusive, indirect losses or damages, any production loss, profit loss, contract loss, goodwill or reputation loss or damaging of these, loss of right to condemnation b) any error regarding the (descriptive) hotel information (prices, quota and gradation included) presented in our website c) the services the hotel performs and the products it offers d) the (direct, indirect or penal) damages, losses or costs that you endure, are subjected to or met due to our website's use, non-use or lateness or related to these, or e) all kinds of (partial) cancellation, double reservation, strike, force majeure or any other event that is not in our volition.

9. Miscellaneous
Unless stated otherwise, the software and the intellectual property rights of the content and information and materials on our website presented in our website or used by our website and required for our services (including royalties) belong to suppliers.
As far as the laws allow, supplying of these terms and conditions and our services shall be subject to Turkish law and shall be interpreted by the same law and any dispute that is caused by these general terms and conditions and our services shall only be presented before the authorized courts in Turkey, Bodrum.
In case that any one of these terms and conditions lose validity or binding, become invalid or inapplicable; all other provisions of the same terms and conditions shall remain binding. Even in such a case the invalid provision shall be applied as far as the laws allow, and you shall be required to be ready to accept a result similar to the invalid, non-binding and non-applicable provision at the very least within the content and purpose of these terms and conditions.

10. About
The registered office address o, the provider of all our services, is BeşkuyularMah., UsluSk, KulCenterİşMerkezi, B Blok No 3 Konacık / Bodrum and registered with Bodrum Chamber of Commerce.
Tax Office: Bodrum Tax Office
Tax No: 6130694962
A Class Travel Agency Licence Nr: 6530

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